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About Me

My name is Mandy and I'm a 16 year old girl, living smack dab in the middle of the United States. I love to read, hang out with my friends, cook, and watch TV. Driving freaks me. I have no life, I have an ElJay.


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05.31.20 at 5:09pm]
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06.29.05 at 2:06pm]

New Journal!


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06.27.05 at 4:00pm]
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06.08.05 at 12:37pm]

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06.02.05 at 10:49am]

List your current six favorite songs, then pick four other people that have to do the same.

1. Rufus Wainright- Hallelujah Here
2. Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell On You)- Aqualung Here
3. John Mayer- 83 Here
4. Liz Phair- Why Can't I? Here
5. Michael Tolcher - Bad Habits (Don't have it. Wanna send it to me?)
6. Life House- You & Me Here

helloimkaley , totaltvjunkie , plethora__ , midnightsmagic

YAY :)

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05.24.05 at 6:21pm]

I'm posting my oratory here. Because I worked on it for 2 weeks, and I'm really proud of it. So read it, or not. But its long. REALLY long. And sounds way better when I read it out loud, instead of on paper ;)


When I was nine, I went on a mission. My bedroom was going to be perfect. That’s right, I, the messiest person in Mrs. Windler’s third grade class was on a mission to make my room perfect. I spent hours alphabetizing my books, placing my dolls in just the right spot, and organizing my clothes into what my friend aptly called "Colorbetical Order." Once I finally had my room exactly how I wanted it, the trouble started. No one was allowed inside, for fear they might mess it up. I slept on top of my blankets, so I wouldn’t ruin my pillow design. That’s when I realized, my room was perfect, but I couldn’t do anything. What was the point of perfection, if it doesn’t work?

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05.17.05 at 4:59pm]
How many total songs?

Sort by Song Title
'Til I Get Over You- Michelle Branch
Last: Your Winer- Sister Hazel

Sort by Time
Don't Call This Defeat- Gametime
Last: Homecoming: The Death Of St. Jimmy- Greenday

Sort by Album
I Want You To Want Me- Letters To Cleo
Last: Toxic- Local H

Top Ten Most Played
1. Jon Mayer- Love Song For No One
2. John Mayer- Bigger Than My Body
3. Greenday- American Idoit
4. Greenday- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
5. My Chemical Romance- To The End
6. The Faint - "How Could I Forget?"
7. John Mayer- No Such Thing
8. Maroom 5- She Will Loved
9.  Liz Phair- Why Can't I?
10. TYler Hilton- Letter Song

Find "sex," how many songs show up?
Find "death," how many songs show up?
Find "love," how many songs show up?
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04.12.05 at 6:44pm]

My friends are hot. And look like superstars.

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04.10.05 at 6:05pm]
Join neoelitists
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02.19.05 at 4:49pm]
nose: mkjqhj e6
elbow: maznxsdyh
tongue: mandy
chin: manbdyt
eyes closed and one finger: msndy
back of my hand: mAnxy
palm: mandy
wrist: mjansdx5yhtg

I'm horrible at this.
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